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Strained Achiever

The CELBAN Trap: 4 Ways IENs Fall

Four Profiles of IENs



 The Strained Achiever

Like the Busy Mom and Dad, and the Disillusioned Dreamer, the Strained Achiever has been in Canada for some time, so much so they they have begin their licensure processes with one of the 22 provincial colleges of nursing (prior to Augist 12, 2014). They have received written notice from their individual regulation body, with a time line for them to submit their results for an English Proficiency Exam. Strained Achievers feel added pressure, when it comes to their preparations for their exam, because of this deadline. More frequently than not, they take the CELBAN without adequate preparation because they perceive a finality in the deadline and dread the outcome of not submitting the documentation and acceptable scores in time.

This becomes even more stressful for the Overwhelmed IEP, who has a combination of stressors as a Busy Mom and Dad, and Disillusioned Dreamer.

How to Protect Yourself from falling into the CELBAN Trap as a Strained Achiever or Overwhelmed IEP.

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